Roller SkatingGet Ahead of the Curve with LilYPad POS


Roller Skating has made an exciting comeback in North America, but in many areas it has never gone out of style. One thing that all these places share is the changing family entertainment center landscape due to the recent pandemic. Forward progress for businesses in all markets now hinges greatly on digital technology and online presence to engage with customers as well as keep them safe during these times.

Traditionally, roller rink customers legally acknowledged their risk of injury by simply buying a ticket. More and more Roller Rinks are now recognizing the benefits of digital liability waivers not only for protection, but as a means of collecting customer data for marketing purposes. Not only does this help you see patterns in your customers’ buying behavior, but you can target those groups for repeat business and increased sales. These waivers can take less than a minute to complete, only need to be filled out once, and can be done online from home, on a mobile device or at a waiver kiosk in your facility. The customer’s waiver can then be attached to each sale through LilYPad’s integrated POS system so you can track customer purchase history easily and efficiently.

To take internal efficiencies a step further, LilYPad offers you the ability to have your customers book ahead of time from your website. At this time, advanced booking has become essential to reduce in-house touchpoints. Utilizing online booking will create better entry efficiency and will allow you to predict your in-house resource requirements and employee hours in advance as well as assist you when adhering to capacity restrictions.

Customers’ purchasing habits are changing and their activities are adapting to the new climate, so it is critical for businesses to come out of this pandemic prepared to protect their customers and be ready to compete on this new level. Using LilYPad POS will help you to stay in contact with your target market as well as assist you with keeping accurate, real time data at your fingertips, so now is the time to adapt to these new norms in your Roller Skating facility to get ahead of the curve!

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